Spice Tour

You are in the Spice Capital of the World! Visit a spice plantation to learn about the spices grown and used locally. Learn the medicinal or cosmetic benefits of each spice and how to take a piece of the spice (you keep the sample). Taste a variety of local fruit and have the opportunity to buy spices or soap. Book this tour!

Slave Coast

Visit the Mangapwani slave coast and learn what slaves were forced to endure and Zanzibar's regrettable role. You will see the slave cave, slave chambers, and where they left Zanzibar in dhows, headed to slave ships. This is followed by lunch nearby and the opportunity to swim at a beautiful beach. Book this tour!

Prison Island

Take a dhow to Prison Island, originally used as further punishment for rebellious slaves. The beautiful island is now used for the benefit of our giant tortoises. After you've learned about them and of the island's history, swim, snorkel, or spend more time one-on-one with the giant tortoises. Book this tour!

Safari Blue

Dhow over to Kwale coral reef to snorkel. Enjoy a snack and watch for dolphin before taking the dhow to a beach barbeque buffet. Save room for tasting up to 15 tropical fruits and enjoying a shot of African Amarula liqueur in coffee. Optional: climb a 500 year old baobab tree or swim in a mangrove lagoon. Book this tour!

Jozani Forest

The sole national park in Zanzibar is home to many animals including the Zanzibar leopard (possibly extinct), Samango monkey, galagos (bush babies), and the endangered red colobus monkey that can only be found in Zanzibar. Learn of the efforts to protect the red colobus monkey. Book this tour!

Experience Village Life

In Zanzibar's north coast you will go on a spice tour; see local women weave mats, paint henna, and draw well water; learn all about the coconut and join in hands on learning; tour the Mkokotoni fish market; watch a blacksmith make nails; eat lunch at a local restaurant; and swim on a gorgeous beach. Book this tour!


Dhows are integral to Zanzibar. If you take a tour that takes you away from the island, you will go on a dhow, a traditional wooden boat. In Nungwi, you will get to see how dhows are made and visit Mnarani Aquarium, where endangered sea turtles are preserved and other animals are kept. Book this tour!

Uzi Island

Uzi Island Sea Turtle Conservation project aims to protect the turtles on the island, among a few other things. Visit Uzi's pristine beaches and visit the Sea Turtle Lagoon. With no other evidence of tourism, Uzi is a great place to experience virtually unchanged and traditional Swahili culture. Book this tour!

Stone Town

There is so much to see here! From the winding stone streets (in seemingly no particular order) with stores every step of the way to the infamous Forodhani Gardens to the beach to all of the buildings with historical value, making the time to do a Stone Town tour is a must for Zanzibar visitors. Book this tour!

Slave Market

The old slave market was bought by the Anglican church and converted. Two slave chambers were kept for the preservation of history and with the many other historical pieces to this puzzle, provide valuable insight into this part of history and the horror slaves endured here. Book this tour!

Zanzibar Beaches

After spices, Zanzibar is well known for its beaches. Spectacular views and blue water await you on all sides of the island, including in Stone Town. After you enjoy the beach near your hotel, get to know some of our other gorgeous beaches on beautiful Zanzibar island! Book this tour!

Local Markets

Darajani Market is a bustling market where you can go to buy fruit, vegetables, fish, meat, and spices. Outside of Darajani is just as interesting, including the market across the street where anything else you would like to buy is available (fruit and vegetables also sold here). Book this tour!

Local Restaurants

Zanzibar has many local restaurants that are very famous. One of the most well known is the Rock-- it requires a dhow ride to get to during high tide or a very short walk during low tide. Other restaurants include Lukmaan, the Swahili House, and Kiriku Happy Restaurant, among many others. Book this tour!

Custom Tours

You can mix and match the available tours to create your own special tour. Alternatively, you can choose parts of different tours and combine them into one tour, such as choosing snorkeling from the Safari Blue tour and visiting Mkokotoni Fish Market from the Experience Village Life tour. Book this tour!